Past Presidents & Board of Directors

The club consists of officers and a Board of Directors elected by the club’s members.  Officers serve one-year terms.  Officers consist of a president, president-elect, vice president, secretary and treasurer.  Board members are elected for a two-year term and can be reelected.  Each avenue of Rotary service is represented by a committee within the club’s organization.  These services include community, vocational, international, club and youth. The chairpersons of each committee are selected by the club president.  The Board of Directors meets once each month.  The Rotary year begins July 1.

The president is responsible for the overall operation of the club during his/her year of office.  This includes setting goals and priorities for the club to achieve.  The president coordinates the weekly club meetings, chairs the meetings of the Board of Directors, and serves as the primary representative in all matters related to the club.   The president is responsible for selecting the chairpersons of the avenues of services committees.

The following reflects  current and past Presidents of the Terre Haute Rotary Club.

1983-84   Dale McKee
1984-85   Shel Hannig
1985-86   Robert McLaughlin
1986-87   Rod Heefner
1987-88   John Perry
1988-89   Robert Bishop
1989-90   Richard Watson
1990-91   Tom Newlin
1991-92   Craig McKee
1992-93   Dan DeBard
1993-94   Mike Dinkel
1994-95   Greg Gibson
1995-96   Harry Shetter
1996-97   Dave Piker
1997-98   Ralph Cutter
1998-99   Jerry Einstandig
1999-00   Don “Scotty” Scott
2000-01   Bill Aubin
2001-02   Beth Tevlin
2002-03   Gary Schomer
2003-04   Mike Hopper
2004-05   Steve Songer
2005-06   Tom Dever
2006-07   Paul Stanley
2008-09   Kim Ingalsbe
2009-10   Bart Colwell
2010-11   Bryan Sponsler
2011-12   Santhana Naidu
2012-13   Stephanie Welsh
2013-14   Nancy Brattain Rogers